There are loads of rugs out there that look incredibly different to one another. When differentiating between rugs, you’ll come across the words pattern and style fairly often. These two terms refer to different things so try not to confuse them.


The style of the rug can be thought of as the design category it fits into. For instance, there are modern rugs, oriental rugs, traditional rugs, natural rugs and many more. The words modern, traditional and so on are terms that denote the style. You can use these terms in your rug search because they may match the style of your living room, bedroom or whichever other room you are decorating.


Pattern is a different story altogether. Patterns might be geometric, curvilinear, intricate, symmetrical and so on. When the pattern is described using these terms you get a better idea of what to expect from the actual detail woven into the rug – the images and motifs depicted on the surface as opposed to an overall description of the type of setting this or that rug might fit into when it is given a home.