For most homeowners, it’s a glorious thing to be able to kick those shoes off at the end of the day and sink into a comfy sofa! The whole thing is ruined though if your floors are cold and hard and you don’t instantly get that feeling of being in a cosy, inviting place – the place you immediately associate with the word home.

Although tiles, laminate floors and exposed floor boards are wonderfully fashionable and peerlessly practical, they don’t give you that impression of warmth and they can take something away from the unique pleasure of taking your shoes off and going barefoot at home. Instead of missing out on that pleasure, it’s probably best to do something about your floor coverings.

There’s no sense installing wall to wall carpets and sacrificing the fashionable look of the room and the hygiene of the house – the best alternative is just to find the homeliest and most comforting rugs you possibly can. Both wool rugs and synthetic rugs come in styles that have a lovely deep pile that’s just perfect for taking the edge off those floors, giving your bare feet a new best friend.