If you are landlord of a property in an area that is very popular with students then it’s likely you are looking forward to some interest from prospective tenants in the coming weeks. It’s important to make the most of this period to attract the right people. If you take pride in your property then you will want the students who live there for the next year to treat it properly.

However, in order to attract the right people you need to approach the decorating in a certain manner. For instance, you can engender better treatment of your house by making it a clean and attractive place to spend time – something well worth preserving by the new tenants. This is where nice rugs come in.

If you deck the place out in cool, contemporary rugs that help keep the place homely and comfortable, you just might find that people are prepared to look after the place. It’s probably best to go for washable rugs because students are notoriously messy and they might not be able to go a whole year without spilling something!

If you do get washable rugs for your student property, make sure you let the tenants know that they can just pop the textiles in the washing machine to restore them to life.