Sometimes you don’t want the rugs in your house to just fade into the background – you want them to stand out and really make their mark. That’s definitely something that the Apex range of rugs manages to achieve. Apex rugs are designed to take your interior design by the scruff of the neck and bring it right up to date.

These particular rugs come in three cool designs and a whole host of different colours. Heavily influenced by Americana, you’ll find collegiate stripes and motifs, stars and cultural flourishes of the US in plentiful supply in these rugs, which are particularly popular in teenagers’ bedrooms, games rooms and living rooms that are designed with a modern and funky twist.

The style of the Apex rugs collection is backed up by the use really high quality materials in production, so you can expect them to add a lovely bit of softness that will stand the test of time thanks to anti-shed technology and moth proofing. With a little bit of general care and maintenance, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t still be jazzing up your interiors for years to come!