Arte Espina is one of the most respected rug design houses out there and they have a range that is perfect for people with a very specific penchant for modern art. De Stijl which literally translates as The Style is a really popular movement that focuses on colour and line. Among the most famous artists to have worked in this movement are Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg.

De Stijl, which is sometimes called neoplasticism, is all about creating harmony and order, something which definitely appeals to homemakers who are keen on injecting the same values into their interiors. The Arte Espina team have produced a special collection known as the Coloured Cubes range that takes its influence from the De Stijl movement.

These are fabulous modern rugs that bring colour and geometric patterning into interior spaces and definitely transmit that message of harmony and order. They are great for art lovers who want to demonstrate their appreciation of a particular period in art history, but they are equally good for those who just love the simplicity of the style.