When you are looking for a new rug for your home, it’s important that you choose something that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also safe and secure for both your family and any visitors you welcome into your home. Unfortunately if you are laying your rug on laminate, or wooden flooring, there’s a chance that the rug will become scrunched up at some point, move along the room or corridor and even pose a slip hazard! The last thing you need is a rug that doesn’t sit flat on your flooring and that can cause potential accidents in the home. Fortunately, a bit of anti-slip rug underlay could solve all these problems in one go!

The safety benefits of anti-slip

A simple anti-slip rug underlay will keep your carpet lying flat on whatever surface you are placing it on, and stop it slipping or moving around. In high traffic areas around your house, you need to know that your rug will stay firmly in place, and anti slip underlay is a cost effective and very simple solution for this.  You no longer have to worry about children running down the corridor and skidding along the rug, or falling over scrunched up sections of rug.

Aesthetic benefits of Anti-slip underlay

A rug that does not lie flat on your floor will not add to the aesthetics of your room. Installing anti slip underlay will keep your rug in one place, flat to the floor, and you’ll avoid those curled up corners that rug lovers dread. With anti-slip rug underlay, not only will your rug look good, but it will also preserve the strength of the rug. Rugs that are regularly scrunched up can lose their strength and quickly become tired looking.

Noise reductions

Another great benefit of anti-slip rug underlay is the reduction in the transfer of sounds. When you walk around your home, particularly upstairs, in many homes you can hear the distinct noise of footsteps. Anti-slip rug underlay will dampen this noise as it creates an extra barrier of cushioning between your feet, the rug and the floor.  This is ideal if you have small children who need a quiet home to rest in.


Not only does good quality anti-slip rug underlay increase the longevity of your rug by preventing it from being damaged, it can also be reused and moved around to whether you choose.  If you change your rug, you can simply keep the underlay and cut it to the size of your new rug.  It is a long-lasting durable product with many benefits.