Student bedrooms can be really comfortable spaces. There’s absolutely no reason why a room that is only going to be in use for a couple of years at most can’t be decorated so that it is really homely. The fact is that students tend to enjoy having their own spaces considerably more when they are bright, attractive and welcoming – just like anyone else would!

The only trouble is that they are usually on a much tighter budget as far as finding suitable decorative elements are concerned. This is why they have to find the real value out there. For instance, clearance rugs and cheap rugs are ideal because they are sold at discount prices but the rugs themselves bring a lot to the room in terms of colour and style and comfort.

So that’s one area value can be found. Another is in bedding. It’s possible to bring colour and design by investing in lovely bedding – which obviously has to match any rugs you buy in order to achieve the right effect. Finding complementary products is one of the most important parts of creating an inviting space through interior design.