Laminate flooring is brilliant because it’s so clean and easy to maintain. Carpets have fallen out of fashion in recent times because people are less keen on the effect they have considering how expensive they are and how difficult it is to keep them looking great, especially in a family home.

However, laminate flooring upstairs often makes the house quite noisy. It’s pretty common for people downstairs to be able to hear people moving about upstairs and that’s simply because shoes and slippers make more noise on laminate surfaces than they do on carpeted surfaces.

Well, there’s no reason why you can’t bring back some of the positive elements of carpeting without carpeting an entire room. Rugs are perfect in this sense. They provide that bit of extra cushioning and cover in bedrooms, hallways and so on to reduce the noise associated with foot traffic upstairs.

There are other advantages to introducing rugs. They bring colour and style in spaces where laminate flooring can be a little featureless and boring. This is helped by the fact that designers produce such a wide range of traditional rugs, modern rugs, natural rugs and so on. They’re dead easy to maintain with the use of a vacuum cleaner and much less expensive than full carpets.