When you’re absolutely football mad it’s only natural that you want your décor to reflect the love you have for your favourite team. The trouble is you don’t want your living room to end up looking like a child’s bedroom. It’s important that you don’t go overboard. Fortunately, you can use colour to show your support without introducing anything more juvenile to the equation!

So if you’re a big fan of, say, Liverpool or Manchester United, then you can get hold of red accent pieces for your living room. Nice modern rugs in red and white should do the trick, along with a couple of red cushions and perhaps some red curtains. The trick is to let accents be accents rather than dominant forces.

There are enough rugs and textiles on the market to cater for the full spectrum of colours out there in the English football league and beyond, so you’re unlikely to find yourself without an option.

So, that’s the living room taken care of quite subtly. Now, the kids’ bedrooms are another matter – you can be as juvenile as you want when expressing love for your footy team here!