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  • Coffee, magazines and glasses sit on top for a cow hide

A Combination of Style and Untamed Elegance

Animal pelts, fur and leather have been used for as long as the earliest humans required them to survival against an unforgiving climate. A time where hunters believed that the pelts they wore bestowed the animal’s strength and spiritual powers on to them. As mankind progressed many European societies saw these products as the very [...]

Sheepskin rugs come in more varieties than you might imagine

When people think of sheepskin rugs they often think of pale rugs that are somewhat creamy in colour. They also think of symmetrical shapes that do not adhere to more regular dimensions. It is true that you can get sheepskin rugs that have these properties, but they are not the only sheepskin rugs on the market.

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How skins and pelts contribute to rustic interiors

The rustic style is an incredibly popular style. It is one of the more traditional schemes of interior design that you can use and it goes particularly well in a living room area. The whole idea of a more rustic way of designing your home is to make the place feel very comfortable. There is something exceptionally homely about the more traditional rustic way of kitting your home out.

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Make skins and pelts part of your bid for greater comfort at home

Skins and pelts are not your average rugs. There is something about them that lifts them above the ordinary and this has a very positive effect on how your property actually looks. At the end of the day, this is the aim of all forms of interior design – to create a positive impression and to make you happier in the space you call your own.

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Nature attests to the warmth of skins and pelts

Skins and pelts are a great alternative to other kinds of rugs. Modern rugs and traditional rugs are really attractive, and shaggy rugs are capable of lending your home a fantastic sense of softness, but skins and pelts bring something entirely their own to your home setup.

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Skins and pelts represent a departure from the norm

Skins and pelts represent a wonderful departure for the norm when you are decorating your home. Although rugs are very common soft furnishings to include, it is nice to mix things up a bit going for floor coverings that offer something very different. Skins and pelts do exactly that.

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Less obvious options when looking for new rugs

There are a number of rugs that you don’t immediately think of including in your interior décor that could actually have a really important effect. Whilst most people are fully aware that they can find traditional rugs and modern rugs in standard sizes all over the place, there are other varieties that are a touch different but potentially open up all sorts of opportunities.

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Animal Print Rugs Online

Add a touch of Masai style with our latest collection of stylish animal print rugs.

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Reindeer Rugs

Reindeer Rugs make a great accessory for your home and can be used as rugs, draped over furniture or as wall hangings. Read our full review for our complete guide.

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Goatskin Rugs for silky, long pile luxury

The Rug Seller reviews Goatskin Rugs as a great alternative to sheepskin's.

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