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Appeal to home comforts when letting a student flat

Student flats are a rule unto themselves on the property market but there’s no real reason why that should be the case. Good landlords earn a good reputation and they tend to be able to rely on good tenants as a result. They may even be able to attract higher rates for their properties.

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Dog friendly rugs for modern conservatories

Conservatories are fantastic if you own a dog and you’re not the type of person to let the dog roam the house at will. If you prefer to keep the dog confined to a couple of downstairs rooms, then it’s great to be able to make use of a conservatory area that attaches to the kitchen and the rest of the home, but that also allows easy access to the garden for your pets!

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Can I use rugs in the bathroom?

One of the most commonly asked questions by people choosing new rugs for their homes is whether rugs are suitable for use in the bathroom. Are the wet and humid conditions in the bathroom totally unsuitable for rugs?

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Washable rugs may be the best choice for busy families

Most homes have at least one rug laid down as part of the dcor, and some have rugs in every room. As beautiful as these rugs can be, and as much as they can enhance the homeliness and comfort of each room they are placed in, they are not always very practical for busy families to look after.

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The perfect rugs for very active outdoor enthusiasts

When you are an active person and you like to get out for long walks, bike rides in the countryside and all manner of sports, it’s likely that you’ll have part of the house that has become a place for you to get ready for your outdoor pursuits and then cool down afterwards. For those with conservatories, this room is likely to be the perfect place for such activity, although the kitchen works just as well.

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Finding a good rug to use on outdoor decking

One superb way of making your garden more suitable for sitting out and enjoying the work you have done on your borders, lawns and so on is to create an area of decking that is perfect for outdoor furniture. Decking often looks beautiful in itself providing an extra layer to the garden and helping you landscape more effectively, but it also gives you a platform from which to enjoy the rest of the garden.

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Use rugs to lift the appeal of a utility room

A utility room is a really useful thing to have at home because it gives you a dedicated space where you can actually carry out all the little practical jobs associated with running a house. Without a functional space such as this you may find the practical side of life a little more difficult to keep up with. This is why you ought to make the most of a utility room with lots of storage and so on.

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Playroom rugs you can wash easily at home

It is nice to have a playroom at home for your kids to use on a regular basis. The attraction of a playroom largely comes from the fact that it provides a safe and comfortable place for your children to play games and generally enjoy the creative and diversionary pursuits that are such a big part of childhood and learning.

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The best rugs to use at home if you have dogs

It’s lovely to have a dog around the house because they are great company. They’re also good in terms of security and they often help to get you out and about and stay active. However, owning a dog does mean that you have to think a little bit differently about how you decorate your home and what you should and shouldn’t use in your interior design.

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Owning dogs is not at odds with great interior design

Dog owners tend to have different requirements when it comes to interior design than other people because they need to cater for the fact that they have pets. This is particularly the case in rooms where dogs are allowed to come in and enjoy a bit of shelter. Some people are happy to have their dogs roam the house while others confine them to the conservatory or back room when they are not outside.

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