Holidaying in a caravan is great fun especially if you are attached to a particular spot in the UK and you consider it a second home. The important thing is to make the caravan itself feel like a second home as well as the surrounding area and this means getting stuck in with some interior design. However, it doesn’t take much to create a comfortable homely environment.

In fact, all it really takes is a few personal touches – books, trinkets, your favourite foods in the fridge and so on – and a well-chosen rug. Shaggy rugs are the homeliest on the market because they are so soft and inviting in terms of their texture. They also look really comfy and this never fails to have a pleasing effect when you walk in the room and see them in front of you, especially after a long journey.

There are other rugs that you can use to pull off the same sort of effect, but it definitely helps to focus on softness. Flokati rugs, sheepskin rugs and thick wool rugs should make it onto your list of possibilities for their texture.