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Parts of the home you may not have considered laying a rug (Part 2)

Aside from the hallway and the landing, there are other parts of the house you may not have considered laying a rug. You’ll find that a bit of colour and texture does wonders in pretty much any room in the house, so you should consider the dining room, kitchen and conservatory areas as well as the usual places.

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Parts of the home you may not have considered laying a rug (Part 1)

People are generally quite familiar with the idea of placing rugs in the living room in order to make it a little bit cosier. They are also used to putting them in bedrooms because they bring with them a sense of warmth and texture that proves really successful in these particular rooms. However, there are other rooms where you can place a rug for effect. These rooms will be looked at over the course of the following two articles.

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Designer rugs help you spruce up your bachelor pad

If you feel it is time to spruce up your bachelor pad then you could actually do it quite cheaply by investing in a new rug to bring a bit of vitality to your interior design. Modern rugs make really special additions to living rooms and open plan living areas because they often dominate the space in terms of style.

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Leather rugs and natural fibres reflect traditional and simple appeal

There’s something incredibly appealing about going for a very natural aesthetic in your home. You can introduce a number of different features to give a nice natural effect that will create a simple but effective impression.

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Less obvious options when looking for new rugs

There are a number of rugs that you don’t immediately think of including in your interior décor that could actually have a really important effect. Whilst most people are fully aware that they can find traditional rugs and modern rugs in standard sizes all over the place, there are other varieties that are a touch different but potentially open up all sorts of opportunities.

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Channel your sense of fun when decorating kids rooms

Colourful kids’ rooms are always a pleasure to decorate. There’s something really fun about creating a room you know your kids will love, partly because it takes you back to the things you used to love about your own room when you were young. Those are the kinds of memories you ought to channel when you’re trying to set up a nice place for your children to sleep and play.

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Practical rugs that fit in with a busy family life

Family life is more often than not incredibly busy, especially if you have young children. At the same time, decorating your home is a matter of pride for a lot of people and they don’t want to sacrifice this just because they lead busy lives.

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Fun and games on attractive rugs for children

When decorating a child’s bedroom it is obvious that you need to make the surrounding area feel quite fun and exciting. Although you obviously want to make the place look quite neat and tidy, it is vital that you design the room to feed your kids’ imaginations and make the bedroom feel like a fun space to spend time.

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Vivid designer rugs make wonderful centrepieces in the lounge

It’s amazing how effective the introduction of one focal centrepiece is when it comes to interior design. Lots of people choose to furnish and decorate their living rooms quite reservedly before they finish everything off with a real masterstroke of design.

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Rugs in pastel shades and neutral tones have a calming influence

It’s nice to be able to take advantage of the calm atmosphere of your home. If you want to create more of a tranquil impression with your interior design, then you need to start by looking at colour. Lots of people go for pastel colours when they decorate their interiors because these shades are associated with a more peaceful mood.

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