Conservatories really come into their own in summer because they are the perfect place to head in the morning and in the early evenings. They can reasonably be used as extra dining rooms that see loads of natural light in the summer. However, they also make the perfect sitting rooms in summer when a cosy lounge loses some of its appeal and you fancy airy surroundings more than warm surroundings.

Of course, when you spend time sitting, eating, chatting and drinking in the conservatory, you still want it to feel comfortable and you still want it to look nice. As such, it’s important to get hold of good rugs that complement the space. Very thick, winter rugs would probably spoil the atmosphere, but thinner rugs wouldn’t.

It’s possible to get flat woven rugs in traditional styles that are great when you are after style rather than warmth. Then there are the many types of natural rugs on the market which are cool to the touch – perfect for very hot weather when you need your conservatory to act as a chilled out escape from the sun.