It’s really exciting to have a new arrival on the way and one of the most rewarding ways of preparing for a new baby is decorating a new playroom or nursery. Playrooms and nurseries are dedicated to providing comfort and safety for babies and small children, but they are actually something that parents take huge pleasure out of decorating because it helps them really get into the spirit of family life.

Decorating a child’s room is a lovely experience. It’s possible to get most of the decorating done before the new arrival, but parents often leave the finishing touches until after the birth because then they can determine how they press ahead with their designs according to the sex of the baby.

Rugs are a great way of instantly setting the tone of a little girl’s room or a little boy’s room. Kids’ rugs come in all shapes, sizes and styles, many of them designed to appeal to the imagination of children. They are a worthy investment because they up the comfort stakes in a nursery and they are almost too cute to imagine!