If you have more than one lounge area in your home then it might be wise to make one of them nice and quiet and the other nice and lively. This way you get the best of both worlds when it comes to the living room experience.

One of your lounges can be devoted to lively chat, television, listening to music and so on, while the other can act as a nice little retreat for reading and other quiet activities. It’s likely you’ll get a fair amount of use out of both rooms.

They might need decorating differently of course. As far as rugs are concerned, it would makes sense to go for quite vibrant and colourful rugs in your lively lounge, perhaps modern rugs or fusion design rugs. This room might see more activity in which case easily-maintained rugs might be a good idea.

In the other lounge, it might be nice to go for more traditional rugs like oriental rugs and sheepskin rugs, perhaps because they just go a little more neatly with more traditional activities. This is just how rugs complement the mood and use of spaces in the house.