Square spaces in the home can be tricky to fill with regular rugs. The fact is that most open spaces around the house are rectangular and they don’t usually fall into perfect squares. Every now and again, however, the space that needs filling is square and rectangular rugs upset the arrangement of the space and just don’t quite fit neatly enough.

Square rugs are hard to come by and in any case, they tend to introduce a bit too much in the way of symmetry which doesn’t always have the most psychologically appealing results. A great alternative in this instance is to look at some of the round rugs that are available.

Round rugs obviously fit perfectly into square spaces without tracing the lines of the square in too uniform a manner. They introduce order but in a more relaxed way which is ideal for less formal spaces. Furthermore, round rugs tend to be available in just as many varieties as rectangular rugs. This means you’ll find shaggy varieties alongside modern varieties and traditional varieties as well.

The range of colours these rugs come in is also wide and varied.