Wool is not the only natural material that is used to make rugs although wool rugs are undoubtedly the most popular. This is partly because there are different types of wool that can be applied differently and produce different textures (take Flokati rugs as a for instance).

Skins and pelts are popular because they, like wool, allow humans to benefit from the natural warmth and softness that keeps animals going in the wild.

However, there are other natural fibre rugs you can use if you would rather steer clear of those that are made using animals products. These are the rugs you will usually find under the heading ‘natural rugs’ because they involve fewer processes than wool which, although a natural product, differs for having been part of an animal.

Jute, sisal and bamboo are commonly used in rug production because they are hardwearing and can be woven into neat, flat rugs that add texture and style to interiors. It’s important to note that there are no animal welfare issues connected with wool rugs – it’s just that some people prefer to take the most ecological route to great design if they can find it.