A good rug can make all the difference in a modern bedroom that has to act as more than just a place to sleep. This is often the case in teenagers’ bedrooms and in rooms rented by young professionals. It’s true they need somewhere to sleep, but their rooms are more versatile than that. They often act as comfortable sitting rooms and offices too just because they have to accommodate a bit of alone time and work time as well as sleep time.

So how does a nice rug make a difference? Well, it ramps up the comfort levels a good deal. Shaggy rugs are especially good at this, helping to keep rooms that have desks and shelves and things in them completely informal. It is that informality that keeps them very comfortable.

Shaggy rugs are not the only rugs that achieve this; they are just especially good at it because of their texture. However, you can still get a really comfortable and informal effect from modern rugs, although they do tend to be neater by virtue of the fact that they don’t have quite as deep a pile.