Hallway runners naturally provide a lovely bit of introduction to the style of your home. They act as a very welcoming feature, not just for the people who come and visit or who are invited round, but also for the people that make up the household – those who use the place every day and appreciate a good welcome the most.

Hallway runners come in lots of styles. There are traditional hall rugs, modern hall rugs and everything in between. The come in bright colours, pastel shades, neutral tones and you’ll find patterned ones alongside plain ones to cater for all different interior environments and attitudes to fashion around the house.

A hall rug’s best friend, though, is a shoe rack. It’s always wise to try and preserve the quality and condition of the hallway runners you introduce and this may mean taking your shoes off as soon as you get home and popping your slippers on. Otherwise your hallways runners may see too much foot traffic from shoed feet and this in time could wear them thin when otherwise they would remain really attractive features.