It’s sometimes the case that we want to show off with the rugs we use around the house. There’s certainly no harm in this! When you have good taste, you want to let people know and you want to feel proud of the place you are responsible for designing. It’s hard to argue with that. Among the best rugs out there for making an impression that reflect well on your sense of taste are hand knotted rugs.

Hand knotted rugs appeal to people partly because they have such lovely designs that are usually informed by traditional styles. However, they also appeal because of the craft and incredible skill that goes into making them. These rugs are made by hand and they involve traditional techniques that give the end products a real sense of history.

This is something that is impressed onto the interior design of the room they are placed in. They heighten the sense of history and taste so if you’re looking to get a really classy effect they are absolutely ideal. Naturally, hand knotted rugs often command a higher price, but this is something homeowners are often happy to deal with when they have their hearts set on something they can be really proud of.