Open plan living spaces benefit from being both practical and comfortable and modern couples, individuals and families are quite keen to put them into effect where possible. Having large spaces devoted to both functionality and comfort is great but it can present a bit of an interior design issue. You have to satisfy two different approaches when decorating.

Among the most popular rugs for open plan living areas are those in the Harlequin collection. The thing about Harlequin rugs is that they are so tasteful. A lot goes into producing a collection that is incredibly attractive and interesting but that contributes to an interior design scheme in quite an understated way. Designers use colour palettes and considerable expertise in design to bring this effect off.

Stripes and geometric patterns make a regular appearance in the Harlequin collection because they are so psychologically appealing and they look great in large formats. In an open plan living room or dining area, this comes in particularly handy because you need a floor covering that will take up a large surface area. The bigger sizes of Harlequin rugs make a really good impression without going too far.