Here we have a great example of how kids’ rugs can be used to make children’s bedrooms more engaging. Kids’ rooms are totally different to all the other rooms of the house and they need to be designed in a more fun and vibrant way. This is just to make sure that they appeal to your children – the fact is that they need to feel happy, secure, comfortable and engaged in the space they call their own.

You can really have fun with your approach to design in a child’s bedroom because there are so many options open to you in terms of using colour and patterning to great effect. However, you’ll see here how kids’ rugs can actually make children’s rooms more physically engaging as well as more mentally engaging and more visually appealing.

Hopscotch rugs are very popular accessories that are soft to the touch and easy on the eye. However, they’re practical (they do reduce noise in uncarpeted areas) and educational (hopscotch is a wonderful game that keeps kids active but also helps them to get to grips with basic levels of numeracy).