It’s usually accepted that character can’t be faked in the world of interior design. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be encouraged. Character is something that grows within a property even if it takes time for new styles to bed in and for the personality of a space to develop. You can introduce new features that drive that development of character and help a place look homely and original.

Perhaps the most successful features in this capacity are designer rugs. They are designed precisely to have character. However, that character is transferrable. Rooms naturally take on the character of the design elements that are used to make them stand out from the norm, the decorative elements that turn them into attractive spaces.

This is why traditional rugs have such popularity and not just in homes that already have plenty of character by virtue of being quite old and by virtue of having enjoyed different styles over the years according to their different residents. New homes also take on traditional character from rugs that feature traditional designs. A richer character can grow around these pieces.