Floral designs are really popular when it comes to rugs. They’ve actually been popular for a very long time and although floral designs are often thought of as chintzy or a bit kitsch, when they are in the hands of professional rug designers with a great reputation for taste, they actually turn out beautifully.

Floral modern rugs shouldn’t be dismissed offhand just because they depict images of flowers. This feature doesn’t make them especially chintzy or facile in itself – after all, nature is used to influence all manner of designs in all manner of products. The truth is that floral patterns really work when modern designers are responsible because they take full advantage of the opportunity to use line and colour to make a statement and to free floor spaces from their dull, symmetrical uniformity.

Floral designs these days are often highly stylised because this gives designers even more creative licence and they use colour palettes and matches to wonderful effect. When you need colour and style, the contemporary reinterpretation of the time-honoured floral tradition is a fantastic option for homeowners.