Anti Slip Rug UnderlayRugs make an exciting
addition to any home yet with the current trends for hard floor surfaces they
can create a danger in the home due to slipping or curling.

This is a greater danger to children, pets and the elderley but a few simple
measures can be used to eliminate any problems. They will not only stop your
rugs from moving but will also reduce problems with curling corners.

There are a number of products on the market and some are only suitable for
certain applications. You can purchase plastic grippers that will hold your rug
on textiles such as carpets and there are tapes that can be used around the
border of your rug which will prevent movement on laminates, tiles, wood and
vinyl flooring. Sprays can also be applied to the reverse of the rug which will
provide a latex coating that will provide extra grip but they can be messy to
apply and are a permanent fixture.

The Rug Seller recommends an Anti Slip Rug underlay
that offers excellent grip on both textiles and smooth floor surfaces. The thin
felt is treated with an anti slip adhesive and can be cut to size for any rug.
It is simply laid on the floor and the rug is placed over the top making it
invisible. We suggest cutting the underlay slightly smaller than the actual rug.
The treated felt will not leave any residues on your floor or your rug.

Anti Slip Underlay is favourable against other products as it can be moved
anytime and is machine washable making it a practical solution. Prices start
from just 6.99 and there are sizes to suit both rugs and Hallway runners upto