Rugs are not just used in homes in order to make a welcoming impression. They’re also used in businesses of all kinds. The fact is that modern rugs do a great job of filling empty space with something comfortable and interesting to look at. They reinforce colour schemes and help set the right mood of an interior environment.

These properties make rugs very valuable in business. You only need to look at the waiting room of a hair salon or the lounge area of a bar to see how welcoming they can help to make people feel. They are often used to make interiors seem more homely which is important when it comes to the psychology of certain situations – like sitting in a reception waiting for an important meeting, a job interview or a procedure of some kind.

Traditional rugs are rich and luxurious enough even to make certain rooms stand out for being executive environments. This is why directorial suites are sometimes kitted out with rugs because they have the capacity to bring something grand to the interior design of the space thereby setting it apart.