If you are a fan of the quiet life when you are at home then you might have your plans scuppered by living in a city centre apartment. It’s true that city centre apartments are often home to people who have very active social lives, but that doesn’t mean some of them don’t want to come home to a quiet and comfortable environment!

It’s possible to make your modern apartment more comfortable and quieter by using rugs with a deep pile. The fact is that the deep pile of certain rugs – think shaggy rugs, sheepskin rugs and luxurious wool rugs here – prevents your apartment from being noisy by preventing you from plodding around on bare laminate or wooden floors all the time.

Hallway runners perform the same trick in halls and narrow spaces. What’s great is that many apartment-dwellers recognise the power of rugs in this capacity and so it’s quite common for all of them to invest in rugs, which makes for a very nice atmosphere in the apartment block, with noise kept to a minimum. It helps that rugs are so comfy too!