Highland fashion works really well as a theme for your living room because people really associate it with warmth and cosiness. It definitely conjures images of kicking back in front of the fire with a warm drink, good company and good conversation, while winter does its worst outside.

Rugs obviously contribute massively to the theme of your living room interior design, so it’s important to find something that works in accordance with the whole Highland image.

One route you can go down is to focus on finding tartan rugs because they are so unmistakable Highland. However, that’s not your only option.

Another choice is to find sheepskin rugs that have that natural appeal. They can be found in neutral tones that work with the existing décor in your room, which should be based on warm olive greens and rich browns.

If you’d rather find a nice modern rug instead then try and make the colour scheme fit. Those greens and browns provide the base, but you can introduce lilacs, violets and purples for a little extra vivacity and richness – these are the colours of heather so you’re definitely sticking with the theme to the right degree with modern rugs.