One of the problems homeowners sometimes complain of when they have colourful rugs is that the colours don’t fade evenly. However, there are a couple of ways you can combat this perfectly ordinary effect.

The first way to combat the way colours fade from rugs is to make sure that you buy high quality rugs in the first place. This way you can be sure that the right materials and dyes have been used in production and the likelihood of the rugs fading will be diminished.

The next method of preserving the bright colours of your modern rugs is to make sure that you clean them properly. Only use the vacuum cleaner on your rugs because this represents a very gentle cleaning method. When you want to clean them more thoroughly, have the job done professionally.

Finally, it’s important to turn your rugs round every now and again. The natural light that enters the room will bleach colours naturally – this is a completely ordinary process. The trouble comes when you leave a rug in one position for a very long time – the colours from the side that sees the most light will bleach faster than the other side. By rotating the rug you’ll even this effect out.