It’s important to try and keep the home nice and clean especially if you have expensive rugs in your rooms. One way to do this is to make sure people take their shoes off before they enter certain parts of the house, but this isn’t always possible. Another tactic it’s wise to employ is that of placing a really practical mat or rug at the front, back and side doors so people can wipe their feet effectively.

Among the best mats for this purpose are hug rugs. They are great at absorbing moisture and they can withstand a lot of foot traffic as people use them to wipe their feet time and time again. However, this level of functionality is only worthwhile really if the mats look great too.

Hug rugs are set apart from the usual doormats precisely because they are designed in such lovely finishes. You can get hold of rugs with motifs, captions and themes that express homely ideas that are just great in domestic environments. Of course, if you are in favour of something plain then the hug rugs team have plain versions of their products too.