Rugs in student accommodation have a real job to stay clean. The fact is simply that people are always coming and going in student housing and it is very hard to uphold a shoes-off policy, especially if you are having people over, hosting parties and all the rest that goes with the student lifestyle. How on Earth can you actually keep your rugs clean in these circumstances?

Well, perhaps the best thing to do is to start by admitting defeat. You won’t be able to stop your rugs getting dirty completely. However, if you shop intelligently for student rugs then you might be able to find some that you can clean very quickly and they take very little maintenance in order to get them back in shape.

You should prioritise washable rugs in your search for the best student options out there, instead of going for anything too delicate or intricate. It’s far too ambitious to look at mastercraft rugs for student apartments and houses. You have to know your limits.

Washable rugs can be put in the machine which means you can get them back into shape really quickly, especially if they are pale in colour and need brightening up.