This article continues looking at the variety of rugs on the market.

Oriental rugs

Oriental rugs have this wonderful exotic appeal because of their Middle Eastern designs. They feel historical and interesting, calling to mind the exploration of hundreds of years ago. They fit in with vintage interior design and appeal to well-travelled homemakers.

Shaggy rugs

A lot of people are after a bit of warmth from a nice set of rugs and there are few warmer and cosier options on the market than shaggy rugs. They are delightfully thick and have a lovely texture. They are usually found in plain shades so fit in neatly with all sorts of design schemes.

Skins and hides

Another very warm option with a slightly more traditional slant is the sheepskin rug. There are other skins and hides out there though, so don’t limit your search to sheepskin. Other varieties offer different colours and styles.

Natural rugs

Natural rugs are a nice alternative if you would prefer rugs that have a low pile and neutral finish. They are eco-friendly and very easy to maintain.

Washable rugs

Talking of rugs that are easy to maintain, washable rugs ought to be on the agenda if you have young children or pets and you find it hard to keep the house clean.