It can be quite difficult to make an instant impression with your interior design in a modern house or flat where practicality, hygiene and convenience are top of your list of priorities. Keeping the place clean, tidy, clutter-free and versatile makes a lot of sense because it allows you to set up a relaxing space to live in and lets you roll with different ideas when it comes to style.

It’s probably best to choose two particular areas that allow you to make a big impression instantaneously: the floor and the walls. Now, clean and tidy modern homes are often fitted with laminate flooring or wooden floors which are not the most inspiring even if they are convenient, versatile and easy on the eye.

Laying rugs on these surfaces works wonders, especially if you fill a large space right in front of the entrance with a big rug. Mastercraft rugs have a particularly impressive appearance.

If you decorate the walls with a couple of pieces of tasteful and interesting pieces of art that appeal to your personally and express your individual tastes then you will have the perfect rug-wall-art combo to make an instant impact.