Hallways should never be completely sterile places. It’s understandable that people often focus the bulk of their attention on the bedrooms, the kitchen, the living room and so on when it comes to decorating the house and the hallway can often be left alone. People get used to hallways that are absent of any really attractive features because they just associate them with the practicalities of getting from A to B around the house.

However, hallways are actually really powerful when they are decorated properly. Take the effect of really attractive rugs on the appearance of the hallways. Great rugs, whatever their style, have the power to greet people and welcome them really warmly or give people an indication of the great style they’ll find in the rooms linking onto the space.

People use hallway runners in hallways purely because they have the right dimensions to handle the corridor layout of most hallway spaces. However, the choice of styles is not limited by the fact that hallway runners are a category unto themselves. You’ll still find oriental styles, traditional styles, modern styles and natural styles to pick from.