Harlequin's Adele line in mineral
Neutral design can be an awful lot more powerful than most people realise, especially where rugs are concerned. One of the major attributes of designer rugs is the fact that they pack such a punch – they create a massive impression because they take up a lot of space and fill it with colour and tasteful patterning. However, there’s a downside. Sometimes you already have design features that do this job and you want to dilute things a touch.

This is when neutrality becomes a real asset. You can use neutral rugs to raise the style stakes at the very same time as allowing the other design features of your room to take centre stage. Just take a look at some of the great rugs produced by Harlequin rugs.

The Adele line is understated but works so well. The same can be said of the Hessian line. What’s more, since these rugs are very neutral in terms of their colour palettes and very unobtrusive in terms of their patterning, they will go in a wide variety of different settings, complementing what’s already in place and refreshing the whole look of the room.