Jazzing up a child’s bedroom is fun for parents but you can never be sure how long your changes will last. Kids change very quickly. They grow up and before you know their interests have completely changed and they have outgrown the space they used to enjoy so much. Of course, children don’t tend to be fashion conscious so basing your bedroom design around their interests is actually a good way to go about it.

Kids’ rugs are perfect because they represent an instantaneous transformation to a space. They immediately introduce something kids can connect with, whether it’s an image of a car, a train, an animal, a place, a fairy-tale figure or anything else that captures the imagination of young minds.

The great thing about kids’ rugs is that when they have been outgrown they can be replaced by something more appropriate and it’s not as if the entire room has had to be changed. Kids’ bedding serves the same purpose and you’ll often find that rugs and bedding work perfectly well together and no extra work needs to be done to mark out a children’s bedroom as for kids.