Wool rugs are incredibly durable and hardwearing but that does not mean that they respond positively to rough treatment. The fact is that rugs will last for a very long time in really good condition provided they are not exposed to any undue mistreatment. The problem is that mistreatment is very easy to inflict on even the hardiest wool rugs.

Mistreatment, for instance, comes in the form of wearing shoes when walking over rugs. It’s best to adopt a shoes-off policy in your home. This doesn’t necessarily have to go for guests if you want them to feel welcome and comfortable. The simple fact that the family isn’t wearing shoes around the house every single day will preserve your wool rugs for longer.

Other forms of mistreatment include intensive cleaning operations. There’s not usually any need for them. Rugs get a thorough dusting by vacuum cleaners which are actually very gentle pieces of equipment when it comes to cleaning rug fibres. Carpet shampoos can be used once in a blue moon for a deeper clean.

Again, prevention is better. Try to keep your rugs from spillages don’t let dirt build up over time. When your wool rugs are part of your regular cleaning routine they are generally well-equipped for a long life.