There’s no reason why a practical kitchen or conservatory space shouldn’t be really stylish. Designers put a great deal of thought into how they can marry style and practicality for more functional spaces around the house and they come up with some fantastic ideas that you can put into practice in your own home. When it comes to rugs, you can find effortlessly tasteful rugs that are nevertheless really practical.

Take natural fibre rugs as the perfect example. Natural rugs have that low maintenance quality and hardwearing nature that is so highly prized in the form practical parts of the house – the rooms that are used the most regularly by members of the household and that often see the most traffic when people are passing from outdoors to indoors on a daily basis. The kitchen, conservatory and hallway are probably the rooms that are most relevant here.

Even though they are so low maintenance and so durable, natural rugs are really attractive. They call to mind tasteful Far Eastern attitudes to interior design with their really attractive understatement and the way they lend accent to other tasteful additions like wall art and soft furnishings.