People get their inspiration for design themes around the house form all sorts of different places, but one of the most popular sources is the natural world. Nature is something that so many of us identify with because it’s all around us. It hasn’t escaped the rug designers out there that nature is a strong influence on interior design for people whose tastes otherwise vary a great deal.

Take the Sanderson rugs collection as an example. Homemakers that choose the Magnolia line are likely to have a very different approach to interior design to those who choose the Midsummer Rose line or the Poppies line. The former are quite neutral while the latter are really colourful – and yet both these lines take their influence from the natural world.

Flowers and plants are particularly strong influences on rug design, but it’s common for designers also to use the heavenly bodies and the animal kingdom as inspiration, as well as the elegance of geometry and the physical laws. It’s all about observing the world and turning those observations into fantastic patterns and designs that appeal to the sensibilities of homeowners.