It’s not always easy to tell which rugs are going to perform in the winter. The winter is certainly the biggest challenge facing rugs that are actually meant to keep your home nice and warm. Of course, any additional form of insulation is a positive, but the reality is that you want rugs that don’t just perform at the basic level – you want rugs that really shine in these conditions.

So what rugs can you really rely on? Well, why not look to nature for a little bit of inspiration? The fact is, there are rugs on the market that are made out of the very materials that animals use to stay warm when they spend every moment outside during cold winters.

The animal kingdom doesn’t have a choice when it comes to shelter, but adaptations have obviously led to some animals developing skins and pelts that are just perfect for the chilliest of conditions. These might be the sorts of rugs to go for when you are trying to turn your house into a lovely warm retreat when the days get short and icy cold towards the end of the year.