Student accommodation is usually very convenient and practical, but it’s not always homely. This is the case for student halls of residence that are maintained by universities and apartments and houses that are dedicated to housing the student population. However, it’s quite easy for individual students to jazz up their living spaces with nice rugs.

Rugs can be got hold of pretty cheaply these days, which is obviously a priority for students. It’s always worth looking at clearance rugs in order to find great deals. However, rugs are cost-effective anyway in the sense that they are very portable and can be taken along when students move at the end of the academic year and the start of a new one.

The best rugs for student bedrooms are probably those that help make the room feel more comfortable in a tidy way. This is because student bedrooms are often used for study as well as for sleep. Modern rugs and traditional rugs do a good job, although shaggy rugs don’t to be the softest and the most homely. The fact that they’re all available in such a variety of colours is another good point.