Modern rugs give homemakers the ideal opportunity to bring a bit of extra life to their interiors. They often do this with jazzy patterns and colourful designs. Some of the most colourful and exciting rug designs currently on the market are those from Remix Rugs.

Remix Rugs are a rug design company that have really caught the imagination of the British public. They’re known for taking the influence of global and ethnic designs and motifs and using them to produce stunning original fusion patterns.

This sort of style appeals really widely. Those who are well-travelled, culturally-aware or just really keen on vibrant new forms of interior design are drawn to the Remix rug collections. Of course, this accounts for people of all ages and backgrounds, so it’s not hard to see why Remix rugs are really striking a chord!

Great modern rugs aren’t just about style, though, so it’s important to note that Remix rugs are made using the highest quality wool for a superb texture that is comfortable and durable. The Remix collections are handcrafted by skilled rug makers in India which gives them an additional sense of time-honoured authenticity to go with their fabulous aesthetic appeal.