If you think that your living room would look better with the introduction of a rug then you need to have a good idea of where to place the new addition. Rugs are great for their positive influence. They add colour and they add style. Different types include traditional rugs, oriental rugs and modern rugs, but you have to get their positioning right for the full impact.

Rugs tend to suffer when they are placed in an area that just doesn’t suit them. They love to be the centre of attention so in a living room space this means they like occupying a space right in the middle of the room where they can be seen. They have the effect of tying other elements together so it’s best to fit them in quite symmetrically.

If you have a square or rectangle of free space, you need to find a rug that fits into that space without leaving too much open space in any one area. If shape is an issue then remember that round rugs fill square spaces a little better than rectangular rugs.