Taking pride in your home means decorating in beautifully and giving it some extra character. It also means keeping the place clean. Certain varieties of rugs and mats are usually charged with the job of helping to keep the house clean and tidy by dealing with all the little sins of foot traffic at the front and back doors.

The Hug Rug is a good example of a rug that is designed to soak up moisture from shoes. Barrier mats such as these do a great job of preserving your interiors, but they still need to look good in order to contribute to the character of your home.

Fortunately, the design team behind the Hug Rug collection are wise to this fact and they produce their barrier mats, soak up mats and bathroom mats with incredible attention to detail when it comes to patterns and styles.

Many of the Hug Rug mats on the market have cute designs that are perfect for family homes. They’re also an eco-friendly choice because they are made using eco-friendly materials and processes and they’re fully recyclable.