The previous article introduced the topic of how to keep the colours of modern rugs lively and bright. We’ve discussed cleaning already. That’s just a matter of using the vacuum cleaner which is gentle but effective when it comes to cleaning the fibres of the rugs. However, it’s also important to look at the bigger picture. You also need to actively protect the colours in the patterning of the rug.

You can start by protecting the rug from the bleaching effect of natural light. This does not mean keeping your rug in the dark or shunning natural light completely because that goes against the whole idea of creating a warm and bright environment. You just need to make sure the colours fade evenly. When colours fade all over the rug they do so slowly. When they fade in one concentrated area, this is seen more easily and undermines the positive aesthetic appeal of the piece.

So how do you stop this from happening? You simply rotate the rug. If you rotate the rug each time you clean it then its colours will be evenly exposed and it’ll take a long time for the bleaching effect of the light to become noticeable.

You can also protect your rug’s colours from uneven wear from feet by employing the same neat tactics.