When you have spent big on a living room rug that you want to keep looking great, you have to protect it from all sorts of potential hazards that might detract from its original appearance.

The first is to make sure that people don’t walk on mastercraft rugs with their shoes on. Slippers are fine, but make it clear that the rug is to be avoided otherwise.

Another easy tactic is to minimise the chance of food spillages by eating elsewhere. It’s tempting to eat in the lounge from time to time, but if you are going to do so then make sure you’ve got trays so spillages are less likely.

The same applies to drinks. Try and avoid using the coffee table as the main surface for drinks if there’s a delicate rug underneath. Any spillages that do happen should be taken care of straight away according to the specific care instructions of your purchase – don’t rub anything into the fibres without looking at the label first.

Keep other living essentials like candles away from your rugs too. You’ve got to make sure that any potential stains are kept at bay if you want your new additions to last.