Far Eastern design is popular in the UK partly because certain Far Eastern elements have pervaded our culture through traditional. However, this type of interior design is actually becoming even more popular these days because more and more members of the British public are travelling and broadening their horizons by visiting countries like Thailand, India, China, Japan and Indonesia.

This travel bug has really caught on. People enjoy the culture shock of visiting the Far East and they often come back slightly different views. This change of outlook extends into their approach to interior design. Suddenly they are really drawn by the crafts of the Far East. This explains why natural rugs and oriental rugs are commonly seen in the tastefully decorated homes of well-travelled individuals, couples and families.

Natural rugs are usually made from fibres like sisal and bamboo which are used widely in the Far East. Oriental rugs on the other hand are wool rugs that have stunning oriental patterns on them that give them their unique sense of appeal. Both look great in modern homes that require a bit of character or an exotic twist.