Certain relationships are particularly strong when it comes to interior design. The interaction between rugs and exposed brickwork is definitely one of those relationships. If you are lucky enough to live in a house with exposed brickwork as a feature or you have done your best to recreate the effect with clever wallpaper then you can definitely use rugs to heighten the effect of that particular characteristic.

There is something quite raw and rich about exposed brickwork that makes itself felt through the space it surrounds. The best thing to do with your rugs is to try and enhance that rich and raw feeling. That’s something you can achieve with traditional rugs in particular because they frequently involve rich colours that are quite subdued in spite of their intricate patterning.

Oriental rugs and traditional rugs have vintage appeal too and that’s definitely something you get a lot of in a house or apartment with exposed brick walls. These two features alongside one another take a lot of the pressure off when trying to decorate your place attractively because they take care of the bulk of your stylish features straight away.