Rugs are among the most successful elements of rustic design. Rustic interior design appeals to people because it’s warm, simple and unpretentious. Because of those attributes, it always remains in fashion and even if it is traditional to an extent, it never gets tired.

Traditional rugs, along with rustic style skins and hides, tend to be the most successful at accentuating the rustic theme you are after. So what other features do they work well with?

First of all, there are the bare bones of the room. You can go a long way towards more rustic style that complements your choice in rugs by plastering the walls with a rustic finish. The lack of a smooth finish helps make spaces feel more rustic and informal and consequently more comfortable.

Then there are rustic elements like reclaimed and hardwood furniture – bits and pieces that are clearly made to last and that don’t feature modern materials. Second hand shops are a vital resource for rustic interior designs.

Metal fixtures and fittings like door handles, lamps and so on, work much better than plastic ones when it comes to setting the rustic style and you can partner your traditional rugs with a traditional fireplace for a really cool rustic effect.